We share our entrepreneurial experience and ‘can do’ attitude.

Creating micro ventures that make a difference to our community.

Helping local people to share, learn and collaborate.

Read About Our Social Enterprise Activities In The Last 2 Years

Our Strategy

  • To increase our social enterprise activities in Cornwall to benefit more local people.
  • Offering the community shared use of our premises, expertise and investment in their social ventures.
  • By managing properties to support social ventures that make a difference to their community.

Below you will find some of the community events and courses that we are running.

You can find more information and book our courses and events by heading over to our Tywardreath website – www.tywardreath.co.uk/news-events

Business Networking

Community Bee Keeping & Courses

Tywardreath Archaeology Project

Par Bay Bike Hire Scheme

Business Incubation

Food Growing & Sharing

Naturally Amazing Wildflowers

Newhouse Farm Meet Ups

You can find more information and book our courses and events by heading over to our Tywardreath website – www.tywardreath.co.uk/news-events

We have given our free business support for 6 years and helped over 5,000 people to start and grow their own business.

If you live in Cornwall, want help to start an entrepreneurial venture or advice to grow an existing micro business, then fill out the form below to apply for our free coaching sessions.

It’s free to become one of our incubated businesses, you will get invaluable, confidence building, completely confidential business coaching from us.  We are independent, self reliant, experienced entrepreneurs.  The people we help are able to tap into our vast network of useful contacts and share our resources, to fast track their ideas into a viable micro venture.

We help people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to start and grow their own business and be the best they can be.

It’s not the strength of your business idea that matters to us; what’s more important is having the determination to adapt and keep going.  So even if you’re not completely sure what you want to do, if you want start a business then tell us about you.

The benefits of being supported by us:

  • ~ It’s free for residents of Cornwall.
  • ~ Unlimited one to one advice sessions with leading local entrepreneurs.
  • ~ Access to our huge network of contacts.
  • ~ Signposting to grants, funding and investors.
  • ~ Free tickets to our incubator events, networking and courses.
  • ~ Free places at our entrepreneurs retreat in Cornwall.

All you need to do is fill out the form and click apply. You will be invited to book a free advice session so we can find out more about you and see how we can help you.

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About Your Business

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Share your skills and experience to help people in your local community start and grow a social enterprise micro venture contact us and let us know what you have to offer. Maybe you would like to teach a course to help others learn your skill? Or we always have a range of interesting things we need volunteers to help us do at Newhouse Farm.  If you pledge to share we will also help you in return.


Established businesses sponsor us to show their support and many offer their staff on secondment to support our social enterprise activities, in return they get great promotional opportunities and involvement in making real social impact happen. We have a range of sponsorship packages we tailor to suit the level of involvement or budget available, talk to us to find out more.


We have created a viable investment opportunity in socially beneficial properties and micro ventures.  We are currently raising money to support our local community of Tywardreath and the PL24 postcode area.  Visit our website Hunter Grange Investments to find out how you can get involved in our investment plans.

Corporate Activities

Our other work involves running retreats for corporate teams and providing them with a really inspiring atmosphere where they can work and relax. We also share our creative thinking techniques and strategy knowledge to help them work through any problems. The income from our corporate and commercial activities funds all our social enterprise – http://entrepreneursretreat.co.uk/corporate-work/

Trudy Thompson and Josh Taylor are the pioneering social entrepreneurs who created and run this social enterprise.

  • They focus on providing entrepreneurship coaching and activities that genuinely help people make instant progress with their own micro ventures.
  • Their collaboration has inspired thousands of people to grow in confidence, meet new people and share their resources to help their community.
  • In 2014 they moved to a 15th century farm in Cornwall to create an inspiring venue for enterprising people to access their groundbreaking coaching techniques.

Trudy Thompson – Social entrepreneur, business strategist and investor in micro ventures. Trudy is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse career that has included being a stunt driver and pioneering eco builder. In 2009 her passions for enterprise, nature and sustainable innovation prompted her to create the social enterprise Bricks and Bread, a hub for people who want to make it easier for people to live, work and build sustainably.  Which has become a vast network of likeminded people willing to share their ‘can do’ attitude and hands-on real experience of being an entrepreneur to inspire more people to run their own micro business.

Josh Taylor – For a 25 year old Josh has achieved a great deal in a short space of time!  He received free coaching from Bricks and Bread.  Throughout his entrepreneurial journey he has also collaborated with Trudy as a business coach and mentor.  His ventures are documented on his personal website www.joshingtalk.com he creates inspiring projects by combining science, technology and creativity. Josh has sent a weather balloon with a video camera to a height of 118,000ft and filmed the curvature of the Earth for under £200.  He created art in Space and Sir Richard Branson challenged him to see how far under the Ocean he could explore. The underlying theme of his work is to prove anyone can achieve ambitious goals regardless of how little money, qualifications or experience they have at the outset.  He also writes about his experiences for The Huffington Post and is a popular guest speaker too.


Trudy and Josh are confident public speakers. You can book them to give a keynote speech or to share their methods in workshop activities at your venue.

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