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“A very unusual method of working a kind of reverse psychology but inspiring belief in oneself. It actually is asking yourself why I wasn’t thinking like that before!”George Collins - attended our 'A Plan Worth Following' workshop in Birmingham 10.08.2013
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Bricks and Bread is a collaborative incubation hub that shares resources to help small business start and grow sustainably.
Bricks and Bread operates all its business activities as a social enterprise, free activities such as our mentoring and business incubator events are provided by the Bricks and Bread charitable foundation.

The venture was created by social entrepreneur Trudy Thompson to solve the issues she’s overcome in business which has included building eco homes whilst adapting her life to become more sustainable and self sufficient.

In 2009 Trudy opened the first Bricks and Bread centre in Aldershot to provide the facilities where local businesses could meet and share their experience to create collaborative ventures.

Over the last three years the business has grown beyond these premises into a vibrant virtual hub of over 70,000 people who share knowledge and resources via online and social media channels such as Twitter.

Thousands of hub members are experts or enterprises who have been verified and trusted to collaborate with Bricks and Bread activities to provide products and services to our network.

In 2013 Bricks and Bread has become an official delivery partner of the Start up loan company, a government funded scheme to provide loans and a business mentor to start up ventures.

In 2012 Josh Taylor turned his hobby into a business venture with support and mentoring from Trudy Thompson and then began to work alongside Trudy to help others start their own business.

Through his blog at www.joshingtalk.com and the videos he makes, Josh shares his creative and science technology projects and promotes his business collaborations. Josh’s projects have included sending weather balloon with a video camera to a height of 118,000ft for under £200, he has recently also created art in Space and for his current project is being challenged by Sir Richard Branson to see how far under the Ocean he can explore.
The underlying theme to his work is demonstrating that anyone can do it without the need for money and qualifications. He also works with Trudy as a professional coach for entrepreneurs in one of their many other businesses together.
“It was a great session. Look forward to working more with the team.”Mickell Gayle - attended our 'A Plan Worth Following' workshop in Birmingham 10.08.2013
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Guildford business incubator event

We had a busy incubator session on the 17th of June at the Britannia pub in Guildford. It was great to meet new people planning to start a new venture and catch up with so many of the small business owners we already support. It is so reassuring to see how well they are doing […]

NEW Bricks and Bread Incubator Events

In addition to our Guildford Incubator events every Tuesday at the Britannia Pub 1-8pm, we are running events in Horsham and Reigate. These will turn into regular incubator events that are free to attend for anyone who currently runs or looking to startup their own business across the South-East. The format is the same, with […]

“The workshop was a really good eye opener for me to start up my business as it’s a new start in my life.”Meshach Anderson - attended our 'A Plan Worth Following' workshop in Birmingham 10.08.2013
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“Very good information. Lots of respect for Bricks and Bread.”Michael Brown - attended our 'A Plan Worth Following' workshop in Birmingham 10.08.2013
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